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Staff duty and other rambles

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Sometimes I feel like I spend a good portion of my time in the Army counting down time. When I’m in  training for something, like at all four of my AIT times (I spent a year and a half in Monterey, CA learning Korean, a year total at Goodfellow Afb, and 5 weeks at Ft Huachuca), or when I’m counting down months until I move, or even when I’m counting hours or minutes that I have to stay awake. Oh man- Tuesday night was ROUGH. My battery is out in the field this week doing an exercise, and I stayed out there with them Tuesday night. The Drill Sergeants broke up the night into 3 shifts of 2.5 hours. Because I’m a dumbass, I forgot to bring something to keep me entertained for my 2.5 hours of babysitting, and my phone died. Time has never crawled by more slowly. Anyways, getting back to the original point of my post: For those of you who are unfamiliar with Army terms, if you’re on “Staff Duty” or “CQ” (Charge of Quarters), it basically means that you sit at a desk for 24+ hours, answer the phone, and try to prevent and/or handle any emergency as it happens. As a Drill Sergeant, yout get stuck on staff duty (or CQ, if you’re a male DS), A LOT. Since all the females are gone from my battery (at schools or on leave), I’ve had staff duty every six days for what seems like forever. (That’s not an arbitrary number; there are six batteries in my battalion, and duty rotates by battery every day).

So if you haven’t guessed, I’m on staff duty again today. And it’s only 0817… Which is approximently 17 minutes into my shift (not that I’m counting or anything). And I’m already tired. You might be saying- “uh, 0800 is pretty late to be getting to work. It sounds like you probably slept til like 0700. You didn’t even have to do PT.” Well smarty pants, I had road guard duty this morning, so I had to get up at 0430 (because apparently privates will die if someone isn’t there to block the road in a truck with ice sheets, a stretcher with all kinds of medical stuff on it, and a cooler of water thats NOT sitting on the truck bed, because then it would be poisoned. Poisoned, you ask? Why yes. The Army believes that even if food or beverages are wrapped in like four different packages, if the outside package touches the ground, it is contaminated, and therefore unsafe to eat. At least here in TRADOC-land. (US Army TRAining and DOCtrine Command). Probably in the rest of the Army no one cares. I know I’ve eaten my share of dirt on deployment. If it sounds like I’m whining, I’m not really. Just familiarizing all of you with some of the less exciting aspects of Army life. Can’t be killing bad guys all the time. Not that I do that anyways. I’m intel. We don’t spend a heck of a lot of time on the front lines.



But anyways- back to your regularly scheduled programming. I haven’t gotten to work out much this week, since Charlie (my battery) has been in the field. Let’s see, today is Tuesday? Let’s back up. Sunday I’m not gonna lie- I was lazy. My boyfriend and I stayed out really late to watch Bart Crow Band play at a bar on Saturday.. He loves Red Dirt since he’s from OK anyways, and I went because I love him. I was a lame girlfriend tho, I had Staff duty on Friday and had only slept a few hours on Saturday, (haha see how that ties in?) so I slept on his shoulder while he watched the band. At a bar. Told you I was lame. So Sunday we just lazed around. I did make paleo pizza and paleo banana bread though- so we’ll call it a win. (I swear at some point I’ll work on posting pictures again). Monday I did manage to do Crossfit- it was a rough one:

3 3 3 3 3 Front Squats (I worked up to 105#.. I know.. I’m still weak).


15, 12, 9 Clean and Jerk BUT- no setting the bar down in the middle (You could rest for as long as you wanted in between the sets, just no setting the bar down in the middle of reps. Could just have the bar overhead, in the rack position, or in your hip crease). I used 70# and it hurt. I was shaking by the end. I felt pretty good tho. Then on Tuesday I didn’t get to do crossfit since I stayed out in the field, but I did run 2 miles-ish in the morning with the privates, and then I ran around and sweated my butt off in the field all day. And then I ate pizza for dinner, cause I’m a fat kid.

.. and then yesterday I totally blew it by eating brownies for breakfast, subway for lunch, and a burger with a ton of greasy appetizers and beer for dinner. And no exercise. I did look at the WOD (workout of the day) posted by my gym this morning though- as long as my boyfriend is a dear and brings me a kettlebell from one of the batteries I can do it tonight. I’ll tell you about it later if I actually do it.

So that’s been my week. How’s yours?


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