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And the first place award for trees killed is: The Army!

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Saturday morning. Man it feels good to do nothing. Last weekend was my first really free weekend in well, months. And aside from going to the gym and shamming my way through a WOD I talked about, I pretty much sat on the couch, did homework, and watched TV. I didn’t even get dressed on Sunday until like 4. This weekend I don’t really have much going on either- last night the boyfriend and I met up with the Charlie Btry Drill Sergeants for drinks (although we didn’t stay very long, since he has CQ tonight- BUT that means he’s off Sunday!!), and then tonight a friend and I are headed out for a Girls Night: Dinner and Drinks or something. And then more sitting around and relaxing, since I have about three very unpleasant weeks coming up.
In the normal Army world, once you get to be an NCO, you will have an additional duty: UPL (pee collector for drug tests), armorer (responsible for the Arms room and all of the weapons), SHARP/EO (in charge of preventing and handling any sexual harassment/assault cases or any Equal Opportunity cases), or something else. In the Drill Sergeant world, there’s only about 13-16 Drill Sergeants per Btry… which means that all those additional duties still have to be done, but there’s less people to do them. So everyone gets assigned a few. I’m unit pee collector, master driver, (which means I track everyone’s military driver’s licenses), and soon to be Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear NCO.. in charge of the CBRN room and gas masks. yay…. As you may have guessed, people generally don’t volunteer to have these additional duties. And the schools are ridiculously boring. (There’s not a whole lot of ways to make learning about regulation and drivers’ training and licensing fun). So I get to spend the next three weeks listening to some retired First Sergeant teach me about CBRN (pronounced Seeburn). Still, it’s better than being the Btry armorer and Battalion (Bn) SHARP.. which are my boyfriend’s additional duties. In the basic training world, armorer is doubly hard since the privates are in and out of quarters, sick call, other appointments, and he has to keep track of their weapons and be in and out of the Arms room all the time. (This brings me to another point about “When I was in basic training” and why do these privates get to deal with their personal lives in basic training, but that’s for another post). These additional duties wouldn’t be so bad, except that like EVERYTHING else in the Army, they require you to maintain a book. Seriously- if they could track which organizations killed the most trees, I bet the Army would be competing for first place. Really they wouldn’t even have to compete. See what happens is that every time there’s some kind of new incident, no one knows who to blame. So to prevent that from ever happening again (not the incident, just the knowing who to blame part), the Army invents more paperwork. Let me give you an example. We’ll take something as simple as going on leave. So you want to drive from Ft Sill, OK, to New Orleans, and spend five days there. Simple, right? You submit your DA-31 (leave request form) and off you go. NO. Wrong answer NCO/Soldier/officer. Someone somewhere along the way submitted a leave request form and took leave that he didn’t have. Now you have to submit your LES (leave and earnings statement), along with your DA-31. So you do that. Still not done. See someone ELSE got into a car accident and died. The Army didn’t know who to blame for that mishap, because it couldn’t have just been a random occurrence, SOMEONE had to be at fault, so now you have to fill out an online survey promising that you won’t drink and drive, you won’t drive during inclement weather, you won’t speed, you won’t drive while tired. And it has to be approved by your supervisor. So now the Army can say that you were properly briefed before you left. You’re STILL not done. Obviously Soldiers are too stupid to know if their car works or not before they drive somewhere, so your supervisor has to fill out a POV (personally owned vehicle) inspection form that checks everything important that makes a car run, like your horn and high beams. And then you fill out a cover sheet that states all of the aforementioned information on another tree that you’ve killed, for those to stupid to actually read the forms. NOW you can go. At this point you’re probably like, “Screw it, I’ll just take leave and stay at home.” Haha- you still have to do all that paperwork. Even though you’re not actually going anywhere. By the way- this whole thing is a complete paradox, because according to the Army it’s perfectly safe for you to drive home from CQ or Staff Duty after being up for 24+ hours. And EVERYTHING in the Army is like this. Is your brain hurting yet? Mine is. So let’s move onto my week recap.
I did pretty good with eating well and going to crossfit this week. While all of my meals weren’t 100 percent paleo, they were pretty close, and really healthy. I made Curried Chicken Kebobs with Couscous on Wednesday (Omg seriously- you MUST try this. My boyfriend told me it’s the best food I’ve ever made for him, and he tells me what an awesome cook I am all the time.. you know, not to toot my own horn or anything). I had staff duty Thursday and ate like crap, but then yesterday I made Paleo Pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes, which was a recipe from civilized caveman cooking. So good. Don’t really remember what I made the other nights, I don’t think it was anything special. (Quick note in regards to the blog: If you’re looking for awesome paleo recipes by this blogger.. don’t look here. While I’ll always share the source of the recipes I make, I haven’t quite made it to the point where I can invent my own insanely good recipes.. I just steal everyone else’s.) This is week in crossfit: I made it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, skipped Thursday, and made it yesterday, by some miracle. I only got a couple of hours of sleep after staff duty yesterday morning due to taking care of some personal issues and getting a massage, so I was dead-tired yesterday afternoon and almost talked myself out of going. Here’s how that went down:
Bad me: “Wow you’re really tired. Why don’t you just nap until Robie gets home?”
Good me: “Weeelll.. That does sound really good.. but what about working out?”
Bad me: “It’s open gym on Saturdays. Just do today’s WOD tomorrow.”
Good me: “Yah I tried that last week.. I’ll probably just sham again.”
Bad me: “So just skip it. You’re really tired, you just got a wonderful massage and rest is important. Also the WOD today is like every exercise you hate rolled into one god awful chipper”
Good me: “…But I paid good money to be able to go to Crossfit Havoc everyday.. No sense wasting it. Plus I promised myself I’d go every day. AND I only have a month and a half left to get myself in crazy awesome shape before I pick up another cycle and lose it all again”

.. So I went, bad me kicking and screaming. Here’s yesterday’s WOD:
Warm up:
2 rounds of 12 jumping lunges and 12 ab roll outs (It was a warm up that was VERY unkind to my knees)

For Time:

10 Rope Climbs (scaled to 20 rope pull ups- start laying on the floor and pull yourself to standing using only your arms)

20 Overhead Squats @ 95 lbs / 63 lbs (scaled to 53#)

30 Air Squat to Box Jump @ 24″ / 20″

40 Sumo-Deadlift High-Pulls @ 95 lbs / 63 lbs (scaled to 53#)

50 Burpee Long Jumps @ 6′ / 4′

I finished in 26:40. The burpees took BY FAR the longest. I could only do them in sets of 10, and usually by the last couple of reps of every set I was jumping like 2 feet instead of 4. Also my back, which was feeling wonderful from my massage, was spasming by the end of the workout- from I assume the ab roll outs, the SDHPs, and the burpee long jumps. My poor, abused body. Still, I was proud of myself for sucking it up and going- because God knows I would have shammed today without classmates to keep me accountable for a)finishing in a decent time, and b)finishing all the burpees. Anyways, I should probably stop talking now. I’m sure you’re all bored to tears. Note to self: Find (or stop being lazy and take) pictures to go along with my novels. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
What kind of workouts did you all do this week?
Any delicious paleo recipes you tried that you want to share?


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June 8, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Weekend Recap

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It’s the start of a brand new week already. I can’t believe how fast the weekend came and went! (I’m so excited for my four day weekend over Labor Day, much needed break!) This weekend was full of girl time and fun, and lots of great food and good restaurants with better conversation. Friday evening I met up with my friend Sara at a Thai restaurant in Old Town, right on the Potomac. It was called Mai Thai, and it was pretty great. We started off the evening with some drinks and an appetizer of summer rolls. If you’ve never heard of them, they are rice paper rolls filled with fresh veggies with peanut sauce for dipping on the side. I recommend you try them! After the summer rolls we ordered dinner. I wasn’t very hungry after 2 drinks and the summer rolls, so I just got some Tom Ka Gai soup. (Coconut milk, lime, chicken, lemongrass, and mushrooms). My favorite Thai food is actually yellow curry chicken, but I didn’t see it on the menu, and as I said I wasn’t too hungry, so I savored the soup instead. It turned out to be perfect, as about 15 minutes after we got to our table the sky blackened and it began thundering, lightning, and absolutely pouring rain. I actually love thunderstorms, and honestly would be really happy living in Seattle where it rains all the time. To me there is nothing more cozy then watching the storm from inside with a bowl of hot soup. It was even more spectacular because we were seated right next to a window overlooking the Potomac, so we could see every lightning streak across the sky above the water. Very beautiful. Sara and I had a nice time, chatting over dinner and then coffee while the storm raged outside. It was perfect timing because just as we were leaving the rain stopped, so we could get to our cars without being drenched.

Saturday morning I woke up around 7:30 to go for a run with my friend Nicole, another Tues/Thurs fun runner. Both of us like running on Saturday mornings, however the group run meets at 7 in different places around Alexandria, and we agreed we’d much rather sleep in and get our own run in. We ran a 5 mile route down to the Potomac and then stretched on the harbor. Despite the huge storm on Friday night, Saturday morning couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was sunny but cool (around 75 degrees) during the run, and we had a nice, easy pace of about 9:30 going while we got caught up on eachother’s summers. (Nicole was away at grad school in Vermont this summer).  I’m pretty pumped because it was yet another good run. Every good run brings me another step closer to loving running again, the way I did before this ridiculously hot and humid summer started. Ending on the harbor was perfect. Even though it was only about 9 when we finished our run, there were already a lot of people walking (and running!) around. That’s one of the things I love about this area, people here are very active. It is always great to see other people out running, and to smile and wave hello to them. We stretched by the water, looking across the river at the DC skyline (another thing I love about living here). After stretching we walked back up King Street to this French country cafe, La Madeliene. I’ve been wanting to try it for pretty much forever, since the first time I walked past and all but started drooling due to the wonderful smell wafting down the sidewalk. I had an iced coffee and cinnamon crepes with strawberries drizzled with a brandy sauce. I don’t remember the last time I tasted anything as heavenly. The only thing that rivaled the crepes was the mini chocolate croissant and the lemon madeleine cookie I got on the side. Heaven, my friends. Pure heaven. If you are looking for a way to get yourself out the door on a Saturday morning, my advice is this.

1) Run somewhere beautiful

2) Promise yourself a delicious brunch afterwards

3) Run with a good friend

Saturday night I went to Chinatown in DC with some friends Ashley and Masie, and Masie’s friend Terry. We started out at La Tasca, which is a Tapas and Sangria restaurant. We ordered Sangria (of course) and 2 different tapas sampler plates, one meat and the other seafood. According to the menu, one sampler plate was enough for 2 people. There was so much food we didnt even have room for it on one table! I’d have to say my two favorite things were the bacon wrapped figs (I think they were stuffed with goat cheese) and the spinach leaves with goat cheese, apples, and walnuts.

After 2 pitchers of sangria and more tapas than we could possibly eat, we headed down the street to Fado, an irish pub with a live band. I’m not very much of a clubber, I prefer a chill bar where I can drink some beer and have fun with friends without the pulsating music and flashing lights. My favorite kind of bar would have to be an Irish Pub, especially one with a live band. I love Irish rock, like the Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and the Pogues. Play Whiskey in the Jar or Fields of Athenry for me and I’ll be yours forever. I got lucky enough to see the Dropkick Murphys live in concert here in DC for St Patricks Day! Truely awesome experience!

Me, Ashley and Masie, enjoying some drinks at Fado

But I digress. We drank some beer and Ashley and I danced like the crazy white chicks we are to some of the songs. It was time to go around midnight tho; some random drunk guy kept trying to feel up on me and the bouncer had to take care of him, and there were one to many fights starting for me to want to stay, so Ashley and I made our way back to the Metro. And that’s when it happened, we were almost down the stairs to the metro when we heard a gunshot. Luckily, it seemed to be at the top of the stairs and we hightailed it through the turnstile, but it freaked me out a little. I always thought Chinatown was a relatively safe part of DC. Sometimes I forget that I need to be careful about where I go and what time it is. (I also have a nasty habit of wandering around alone). I need to remember that just because I feel invincible most of the time doesn’t mean I am. It reminded me not to make myself a target. That was about the end of the weekend craziness, except for a drunk driver swerving in front of Ashley on the way back from the Metro. (Thank God the girl has great brakes!)

Sunday was much more chill, just your average chore day: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning. (Although I did wash my comforter this weekend and since it’s made of down I spent a lot of time defeathering my apartment. It looked like a swan exploded). I spent a happy Sunday afternoon reading Harry Potter. I finished the fourth book and started the fifth yesterday. So addicting!

I think that’s probably it for now, next post will be about more workout plans/how PRT is going. Hope your week goes well!

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August 22, 2011 at 7:38 pm

Raining on Sunday

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Sunday afternoon again. It always seems the weekend ends too soon and the week goes by too slow. This weekend was particularly crazy. Friday night I went to a farewell party for my friend Q who is getting out of the Army. We all met up at O’Connells in Old Town for some drinks. Old Town is one of my favorite places. There’s always so much to see and do. (And more importantly, so much to eat!) There are some really great Irish Pubs in Old Town as well (O’ Connells is one of them). Ashley, Lee and I all ordered the fish and chips and kicked off the evening with some beers. A few beers and a shot of Patron later we took the party down the block to Union Street. A few more drinks there and we were ready to call it a night. I haven’t gone out and had that much to drink in awhile. (Generally on Friday and Saturday nights I keep it pretty tame so I can get up early, work out and start my day). I know I know, I’m lame. We all had a good time though. It was nice to get out with people from work. In my last unit, back at Ft Bliss, the people I worked with were my friends and family. We were all young, single, and living in the barracks together. We worked together, ate together, partied together and shared our whole lives. It’s different here. Here I work with mostly civilian contractors who all are married with families. Even the Army people in my section are married and/or have children. Maybe it’s a good thing because there’s more separation between my work life and personal life (that line got a little blurred back in TX), but I’ve missed the close friendships I had back then. Going out and getting some drinks with Lee, Q, and Ashley was the perfect Friday night.

Me and AshleyQ is wondering what he's still doing with these 2 drunk white chicks

Saturday night I was supposed to go on a date with Mark, a guy I met a few weeks ago. However he texted me Saturday afternoon and let me know that he couldn’t make it. Ashley and another friend Masie had invited me for a ladies night out in DC, so since my date was cancelled, the three of us headed out together to Adams Morgan. We took the Metro out to DC (I don’t take my car to the District anymore because the last time I did the window got smashed and my stuff stolen.) Since we were all absolutely starving we went first to this Latin restaurant/bar called La Rumba and ordered had margaritas and some delicious food. (I got some shrimp. Delicious, but a little too much butter.. They were swimming in an ocean of it.) After that we went next door where Ash and I proceeded to be the lamest people inside. Masie wanted to get “white girl wasted”, but since Ash and I had done that the night prior, neither of us was really in a drinking mood.. and we were both tired. So for the next couple of hours we followed Masie down the street and people watched. And then wrapped the night up with a JUMBO slice of pizza. (Seriously. It was the size of my torso).

Cheesy, gooey, greasy goodness

We caught the Metro back and finally made it back home around 5am. I love DC, but going there takes time and coordination, even though its only 10 miles from Alexandria. Going out there requires staying out the WHOLE night. (case in point, we starting making our way back to the Metro around 2 and didn’t get home til 5). Still though, I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. A lot of people say that they prefer wide open spaces and country. Not this girl. I love tall buildings, skylines, and nightlife. I love running down the street and chowing down on whatever my mood feels like at that moment, whether it be Italian, Greek, or Lebanese. I love the little hole in the wall coffee shops (like my favorite, My favorite part of living in a big city though is the lights. (Fast cars, shooting stars, all of the lights).  Just Kidding. Anyway. I love driving over a bridge or on the highway at night and looking at the city skyline, all lit up. Especially if it’s a city near water, like Milwaukee or Chicago (yes, I was born and raised in the Midwest. Ya der hey.) It looks magical.

DC at dusk

That’s probably good for tonight.. Just going to chill with Scrubs (one of the best tv shows EVER) and some Shiraz. Have a good night everyone!

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August 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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