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Wow. First of all- I am SO sorry it’s been so long since I posted. There has been some major drama at work- a drill sergeant in another battery is an idiot and got into trouble, which started a domino effect of pick up dates being push forward, leadership changes, and a host of new policies, brigade wide. Needless to say, it’s been frustrating, and all of last week I thought that my leave was going to get cancelled and I would be picking up a new cycle of privates on Wednesday. They ended up letting the battery under investigation pick up on Wednesday, so we found out last Friday that we weren’t picking up and that our leave wasn’t cancelled after all, but my mom had already cancelled her flight down here (she was coming to visit this week). So as I said, very frustrating and suspenseful couple of weeks at work. But as upset as I was that my mom couldn’t come to visit, it’s been nice to get caught up on all the little projects and things that I never seem to get to.
I have another confession. I’ve fallen off the wagon, paleo-wise. I’ve still be crossfitting it up, but I haven’t been eating as healthy as I know I should be. Too many chips, too many sugar-y drinks (god help me, I love my long island ice teas and margaritas on the rocks). I haven’t eaten a lot of dessert.. Just a lot of carbs. If I have one weakness, it’s bread. And potatoes. And chips. That may also be why I haven’t been posting as much lately. I keep waiting for myself to clean it up, but it’s been a couple of weeks, and I just keep eating. So. here’s to cleaning it up, and making sure that I don’t have a muffin top in my bikini. Or my pants. Starting today. Tonight I’m making paleo chicken tortilla soup with this recipe.
So that’s my update. I promise not to go so long again. đŸ™‚ Hope your fourth was good!


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July 5, 2013 at 2:17 pm

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  1. Yea those new policies rock don’t they? No cq runner. I have posed the question “what if I am doing checks and someone calls in a red cross message, but wait…no one will be there to answer the phone.” Still no answer on that one yet. Have fun on leave.


    July 9, 2013 at 12:04 pm

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