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So this past weekend I vowed to make my workouts count and to be conscious of what I eat and why I’m eating it. I figured today I’d give you an update on how I’ve been doing.


I didn’t get to workout in the morning because I had to be into work by 6, so in the afternoon I headed over to my apartment complex’s fitness center and did a workout targeting my abs and upper body. I finished with 25 minutes of cardio on the bike. My strength routine looked like this:

10 triceps pushups (I call these triceps pushups because instead of the typical arms perpendicular to the body pushups I tuck my elbows in, parallel with my body, which is much harder. After the first set of 10 I do 5 pushups after every set of crunches. If I do regular pushups I do 12 between every set)

35 regular crunches

Chinese crunches- 25 each side (one leg straight and about 6 inches off the ground, the other leg bent 90 degrees, I usually put my foot against the knee of the straight leg. After 25 change legs. Don’t ask me why they’re called Chinese crunches, I have no idea)

                35 regular crunches

25 “double crunch” (aka dying cockroach. These are a normal crunch with legs tucked in towards chest, and then straighten legs to about 6 inches off the ground, hold for a second and then pull them in towards your chest again. This is 1 repetition.)

                Oblique crunches- 35 each side

                Plank with alternating leg raises (This sounds complicated but it’s really not. From a plank position, alternate raising each leg off the ground and holding it for 2-3 seconds. I do 10-15 each leg)

                Skull crushers (3 sets of 10 reps with a 20lb weight)

Chest press (3 sets of 10 reps with 2 10lb weights)


Tuesday morning I (again) had to be into work early so I didn’t get my morning workout in… And then I drank wine instead of going for a run Tuesday evening. (I know, I know. Bad Sarah.) BUT I did actually bake chicken with zucchini and butternut squash for dinner, which was also my lunch and dinner on Wednesday. So healthy and delicious! (And easy to make!) I also used the leftover chicken to make a wrap that I ate a restaurant once: spinach, feta cheese, cranberries, chicken and balsamic vinaigrette in a whole wheat wrap. The restaurant called it a Metropolitan. I call it amazing.


I made up for not running on Tuesday night by going for a 4 mile run with Ashley in the morning. And again was pleasantly surprised when I loved it. My Tuesday and Thursday night runs are called ‘fun runs’ but since my only thought is usually ‘must. Run. Faster.’ I haven’t usually the kind of fun that I had yesterday and last Tuesday. Although this desire to train harder and push myself was fine in the spring, for reasons I’ve discussed previously this has not worked out so well for me this summer. But yesterday I wasn’t wearing my watch, wasn’t wearing my ipod, and I felt no urge to push myself to vomit inducing speeds. Ashley and I just ran along at a comfortable pace, (I’d say between 9 and 9:30 minute miles) and chatted. And before I knew, the 4 miles were over. For my second workout last night I was planning to do Vinyasa Yoga, something a fellow fun runner Whitney has been trying to convince me to try for weeks. I’ve only done Yoga one other time, on a vacation to Hawaii in 2009 a morning beach session came free with a massage so I tried it. And admittedly did not like it very much. (Granted, I was pretty hung over and the session was at 6am.. But it just seemed like a lot of painful stretching and not much of an actual workout). But since I like Whitney, and she insists that Vinyasa Yoga is actually a pretty good workout, I decided to give it a try. The studio is not far from where I run, so I left at the same time I would on Tuesday or Thursday nights. However I didn’t count on the horrible traffic and lack of parking, so I drove around until 6:45 (the class was supposed to start at 6:30) when I finally gave up and headed home. The excursion wasn’t a total bust though because on the way home I stopped at blockbuster (I have Netflix but just the option to stream, not the DVD option) and picked up Something Borrowed, a movie I’ve been wanting to see since I read the book in June. Plus I heart John Krasinki. Seriously, I want to meet his doppelganger and marry him. But I digress. I’ll have to try Yoga next week, and remember to leave a little earlier so I can find a parking spot. (Where I run/where the studio located is all on-street parking, with a parking garage waaayyy at the end of the street. And the parking garage is expensive. On street parking is free after 7pm).


So to sum up my workouts this week, I think I’ve done ok so far. Even though I didn’t work out on Tuesday, and I didn’t get to do Yoga yesterday, I feel ok because I’ve been aware of what I’ve been eating, and I don’t feel uncomfortable in my clothes. (I don’t step on a scale very often, I just gauge my weight by how I feel in my clothes.) If they feel tight or I’m constantly adjusting/fixing my clothes, I know that I need to cut back on the sweets and up my workouts. Ditto for the kind of clothes I choose. If I start reaching for a certain pair of jeans, I know it’s because I’m not doing the right things for my body and I’m choosing clothes that are a little looser.  When I’m eating right and working out like I should be, I choose clothes that show off my body more. ‘Get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight..’ Just Kidding. Seriously though, I pay attention to my body and what it needs, and that’s worked to keep me healthy and in shape for the last 7 years. I would recommend that to anyone over dieting, keeping calorie journals and monitoring their weight obsessively. If you make being healthy a chore and concentrate on dieting, you’ll have trouble keeping the weight off because dieting is only a short term fix. Eventually you’ll get tired of deprivation and go back to your unhealthy habits. If you listen to your body, eat when you’re hungry, and focus on eating good things, you’ll feel better and be better able to get (and stay) healthy. But I’m no dietician or nutritionist. That’s just my humble opinion. 😉 Until next time!


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August 18, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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