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Confession number 1: I have not been sticking to my usual 2-a-day workout regimen. I generally try to get 2 good workouts in at least 3 or 4 days out of the week. My typical week’s workout plan is my crossfit class in the morning, then either extra cardio or strength training on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (depending on what I feel I need more) or a on Tuesdays and Thursdays I run. But my unit is getting a new First Sergeant, so that has all changed. Under our former 1SG I was allowed to go to my class in the mornings instead of unit PT, but the new 1SG is enforcing mandatory PRT for the unit. PRT stands for “physical readiness training” and it’s the Army’s new solution to the problem of units only training to be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (2 mile run, 2 minutes of push ups and 2 minutes of sit ups). The problem was that while Soldiers would do well on the APFT, they were unready for the challenges of combat. (ie: scrambling up the side of a mountain wearing 150 pounds of gear). So the solution was PRT, which includes P90x-like strength training with plyometrics and core work. (And now I sound like a commercial for PRT). The downside to the training is that while some of the exercise drills are good, it doesn’t have the same intensity that a killer crossfit class has. Also everything is done ‘in cadence’. I was forced to do PRT for 6 months while living in Texas and feel like my fitness level decreased. That generally happens whenever I’m forced to do unit PT. Everytime that I have been allowed to do PT on my own my APFT score always increases and I enjoy working out. Which is why this week has been.. lazy? I think that’s the best word. Since I was forced to be at formation, but PRT hasn’t officially started yet, they let us go to the gym to work out. Which I have to say, has not been great. I like very regimented work outs, I like detailed workout plans with a set number of repetitions. Unfortunately, this week didnt really work out that way. I felt like I was ‘phoning in’ my work outs. (Like I was there, I did some exercises, but I left the gym not really feeling ‘worked out’) I had today off (thank you, Commanding General, for giving me a training holiday 🙂 ) and was planning to go for a run.. But then my ipod died 5 minutes in.. and so I went to the gym. And I realized that I need to sit down and make out a plan. If I can’t do crossfit, then I need to have a set plan so I don’t lose my current level of fitness. So here is my goal:

I will make a work out plan to target my core, chest, arms, and legs. I will do at least one QUALITY workout everyday. I will also begin to increase my weekly mileage now that the temperature seems to be dropping.

Confession number 2: I’ve eaten really REALLY badly the last week. Normally I try not to eat out too much because there are sooo many calories in restaurant food. (About the only exception is Subway, which happens to be my most favorite fast food restaurant.) I also like to know exactly what I’m eating. I feel like it’s not only healthier but so much better for your body to eat “clean”. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional whopper from Burger King, I just feel better when I eat food with ingredients that I can pronounce. This week, however, I slipped. I generally bring soup or a sandwich and some yogurt for lunch, but this week my team lead (who gets cranky when I eat lunch anywhere but at my desk) was on vacation, so I took advantage of that and went to lunch with Ashley. Every. Single. Day. There were a couple of days that we ate healthy (salads from Noodles and Company or sushi from Matsui), but we also ate at Firehouse Subs and Chili’s, where I proceeded to eat the cheesiest, greasiest thing on the menu. While I enjoyed getting away from work for lunch and spending some time with Ashley, I always came back to work bloated and sleepy. So this week has been fun, but I’m actually looking forward to going back to eating my normal lunch of soup and yogurt.  In addition to eating out all week, last night I found myself reaching for the jar of peanut butter. While that sounds completely harmless, it’s something that I only get the urge to do when I’m stressed about something. I gained a few pounds before I went to WLC (warrior leader’s course) in Georgia in May, and I gained almost 10 pounds in the months before I deployed. I think I’m stressed out about money (I just found out that I won’t be getting paid basic allowance for housing as soon as I had hoped). Whatever it is I’m worried about, I need to take control of my cravings and remind myself that eating won’t help me feel better about my situation, and it definately isn’t going to solve any of my problems. (Actually, given that what I’m worried about right now is money, eating out all the time is going to my problems worse). While I’ve managed to lose the weight every time I’ve gained it, it would be better if I didn’t gain it to begin with. So here is my solution:

I will make a good, healthy lunch for work everyday. I will put down the peanut butter jar and address what I’m worried about rather than try to resolve my issues by eating my way through them. I will eat out less.

Alright, I’ve been sitting here for a few hours, I think it’s time that I take the puppies that I’m dogsitting for the weekend for a walk!


Written by blusunshinesarah

August 12, 2011 at 5:04 pm

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