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Raining on Sunday

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Sunday afternoon again. It always seems the weekend ends too soon and the week goes by too slow. This weekend was particularly crazy. Friday night I went to a farewell party for my friend Q who is getting out of the Army. We all met up at O’Connells in Old Town for some drinks. Old Town is one of my favorite places. There’s always so much to see and do. (And more importantly, so much to eat!) There are some really great Irish Pubs in Old Town as well (O’ Connells is one of them). Ashley, Lee and I all ordered the fish and chips and kicked off the evening with some beers. A few beers and a shot of Patron later we took the party down the block to Union Street. A few more drinks there and we were ready to call it a night. I haven’t gone out and had that much to drink in awhile. (Generally on Friday and Saturday nights I keep it pretty tame so I can get up early, work out and start my day). I know I know, I’m lame. We all had a good time though. It was nice to get out with people from work. In my last unit, back at Ft Bliss, the people I worked with were my friends and family. We were all young, single, and living in the barracks together. We worked together, ate together, partied together and shared our whole lives. It’s different here. Here I work with mostly civilian contractors who all are married with families. Even the Army people in my section are married and/or have children. Maybe it’s a good thing because there’s more separation between my work life and personal life (that line got a little blurred back in TX), but I’ve missed the close friendships I had back then. Going out and getting some drinks with Lee, Q, and Ashley was the perfect Friday night.

Me and AshleyQ is wondering what he's still doing with these 2 drunk white chicks

Saturday night I was supposed to go on a date with Mark, a guy I met a few weeks ago. However he texted me Saturday afternoon and let me know that he couldn’t make it. Ashley and another friend Masie had invited me for a ladies night out in DC, so since my date was cancelled, the three of us headed out together to Adams Morgan. We took the Metro out to DC (I don’t take my car to the District anymore because the last time I did the window got smashed and my stuff stolen.) Since we were all absolutely starving we went first to this Latin restaurant/bar called La Rumba and ordered had margaritas and some delicious food. (I got some shrimp. Delicious, but a little too much butter.. They were swimming in an ocean of it.) After that we went next door where Ash and I proceeded to be the lamest people inside. Masie wanted to get “white girl wasted”, but since Ash and I had done that the night prior, neither of us was really in a drinking mood.. and we were both tired. So for the next couple of hours we followed Masie down the street and people watched. And then wrapped the night up with a JUMBO slice of pizza. (Seriously. It was the size of my torso).

Cheesy, gooey, greasy goodness

We caught the Metro back and finally made it back home around 5am. I love DC, but going there takes time and coordination, even though its only 10 miles from Alexandria. Going out there requires staying out the WHOLE night. (case in point, we starting making our way back to the Metro around 2 and didn’t get home til 5). Still though, I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. A lot of people say that they prefer wide open spaces and country. Not this girl. I love tall buildings, skylines, and nightlife. I love running down the street and chowing down on whatever my mood feels like at that moment, whether it be Italian, Greek, or Lebanese. I love the little hole in the wall coffee shops (like my favorite, My favorite part of living in a big city though is the lights. (Fast cars, shooting stars, all of the lights).  Just Kidding. Anyway. I love driving over a bridge or on the highway at night and looking at the city skyline, all lit up. Especially if it’s a city near water, like Milwaukee or Chicago (yes, I was born and raised in the Midwest. Ya der hey.) It looks magical.

DC at dusk

That’s probably good for tonight.. Just going to chill with Scrubs (one of the best tv shows EVER) and some Shiraz. Have a good night everyone!


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August 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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  1. I love that you have this, it’s about the only way we keep up.. except it’s a little one sideed so it’s a tad bit stalkeresque…


    August 7, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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