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Anyone else need a weekend to recover from their weekend?

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Whew! It’s nice to finally sit down and relax a little bit. I’ve got a movie playing in the backround (R0mancing the Stone, I can never get enough of Kathleen Turner and Micheal Douglas running around the Colombian jungle together), and Slowcooker Curry Butternut Squash simmering away. (Get the recipe here) This is my first time making it so I will let you know how it turns out.

I have to warn you in advance that this post doesn’t have anything to do with healthy eating or running, as I did neither this weekend. Saturday I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house in Stafford, where I drank a lot of beer and munched on a lot of chips and dip. Delicious, but not exactly healthy. We went out afterward and  saw “Friends with Benefits”. I had never been to a 21+ theater where you can drink alcoholic beverages and order food all from the comfort of reclining leather seats. Best $15 I’ve ever spent on a movie ticket. 🙂 I recommend the movie as well. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. I like dramas and some action movies, but anytime I just want to put in a movie and just zone out and not really have to think about anything, I pop in something with Katherine Heigl or Kate Hudson. People’s main complaint with romantic comedies is that they’re often predictable and unrealistic. For me, the predictability makes them easy and relaxing to watch and even though they’re unrealistic.. well, I sometimes dream about that special guy making the grand gesture and sweeping me off my feet in the middle of Grand Central Station. (ok, not really in GCS, but in Friends with Benefits there’s this part where they’re watching a parody of all romantic comedies, and Jason Segel makes his grand gesture/declaration of love there). There was a line in the movie last night that stuck out to me, Mila Kunis says “I sometimes wish that my life were a movie”. I often think the same thing. This movie struck a chord with me in particular because in the past I have found myself in similar situations, wishing it would end the same way the movie ended last night. (Clearly, it has not).  But the reason that I’m bringing all this up has to do with, yup, you guessed it, a certain someone.

“J” and I have known   for almost 5 years now, we were in the same Korean class together way back when. (Of the 2 of us, he’s the only one who actually remembers the language.  A year and a half of Korean and all I can say is “Please pass the Kimchi.” sheesh). Anyways, to make a long, long story short, we briefly “dated” for about 4 months until he started seeing someone else. I say “dated” because we had a FWB situation. I wanted more, but was young and naive and honestly believed that if we were together long he would want a relationship. (He later told me that I’m the only girl he’s ever had that type of relationship with. Um, thanks? Not sure how to take that). So 4 years later here we are. After he moved back from Korea (where he was stationed for 3 years) to Cali, we started talking and texting again, and I flew out to Vegas to see him in June. We had a truly awesome time, but as he had just had a really messy breakup, he was pretty adamant about not wanting to be in a relationship again for awhile. So I let it rest until Friday night. See, we talk and text all the time, and even though I dabble in dating on the side, I never let it get too serious because there’s a part of me that’s holding out for J. So after an ok date on Friday night (guy I’ve been out with a couple of times, nothing special), I asked him when I got home if he saw us being in a relationship at some point. Basically he told me that he was too messed up after his last relationship to be in another for awhile, and that while he likes talking to me and texting, and he still wants to fly out here to see me, I should go ahead and date other people. I pretty much expected to hear that, so it wasnt like I was shocked and disappointed, but as I told him, I just had to know. I don’t want to be waiting on something that will never happen. So now I’m back to square one. I’ll keep you posted. Til then, have a good night! 🙂

Have any of you been in a FWB relationship? How did it work out? Did you ever have a real relationship with that person?






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July 31, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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